The second year of KABK in general and the first year of being part of the PP department was about recognizing myself as a painter. I began this year with a rather conceptual mindset which urged me to establish concepts from which I could produce paintings. However, I had to come to the realization that this approach became too limited. At the same time, this approach undermined the materiality of paint itself. Switching to oil paint was a rather crucial shift during this year. The complexity of oil paint opened up for multiple ways in which I could work with paint on my canvas. While staying more and less traditional and classical in my painting technique throughout the second year, however, I started to experiment with the borders of a canvas which would be a theme that continued into the third year. Painting indeed started became fun and a playful tool.ærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_23_43.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_23_29.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_24_01.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_26_30.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_24_08.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_26_37.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_24_16.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_25_23.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_26_00.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_25_32.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_28_33.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_26_23.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_26_15.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_27_00.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_25_17.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_26_09.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_25_09.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_25_02.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_23_53.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_24_43.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_27_29.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_27_09.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_27_22.pngærmbillede 2020-06-10 kl_ 17_27_14.png