Amalie Smith - Marble (2014)

this book is a danish novel about a statue coming to live and how it is trying to break free from its white "dead" stateærmbillede 2020-06-17 kl_ 19_20_33.png

Very inspiring text from a Bolivian writer who explains the problems of post-colonialization. The term chixi is introduced as a way of seeing the world. It means to co-exist parallel with multiple cultural differences without meshing and, thereby, creating hybridity.

English: Women without men. A novel by an iranian female writer. It is a story about five women in 1950's Teheran and how their lives gets intertwined. I especially love the story about Mahdokht who is a teacher that decides to become a tree. The last chapter which describe in detail how she becomes a tree is the most beautiful and affirming piece of prose that I have ever read.

This is an article which explains how Deleuze's concept of the abstract machine can be a way of describing the act of making art. I found this text very inspiring because it made me think differently about my artistic practice.

I havent read many of the chapters in this book but of the ones I read, I was particualy cought by "Year Zero: Facialiy" in which Deleuze and Guattari completely dismantles any prefixed notion of the face. they see it as an active operator, black holes on a white plane.

This is a very nice meme :-),204,203,200_.jpg

Haraway sees humans as holobionts, assemblages of beings that are in a constant flux and flow of becoming symbiont with one another. She advocates for a non-fixed, nomadic life which she illustrates with her Camille stories, a story about a human-insect hybrid who is living on the damaged planet Earth

Braidotti is my favorite posthumanist scholar. In this book, she acknowledges the very vast and confusing field posthumansim has grown into and tries to make the reader aware of how to do posthuman thinking.