Here is a selection of some artists whose work I find inspiring. I tend to get attracted to things such as the atmosphere, the paint stroke, the way of presenting their work or the way they approach the same topics as I am working with. I realise that many of the painters who inspire me are working rather "traditionally" with stretched canvases so I usually find inspiration in more sculptural works or installations works when it comes to how I want my painting to be shaped or be presented. Here, I am often looking at curated art blogs such as Contemporary Relics Tzvetnik, or Kuba Paris or different galleries that I follow like Everyday Gallery
Egon Schiele

Tote Mutter, 1910

I guess it is almost obvious that I like Schiele's paintings. The way he paints skin is so intimate and tactile and yet so rough. There is this everchanging feeling of being in and out of control of the paint
Loren Erdrich

This Mad World, water, raw pigment, watercolor and ink on canvas, 12x9"2019

The main medium in Erdrichs work is water which makes her paintings appear translucent and dissappearing like it is an old painting. Here, she uses quite vibrant colors. but still manages to maintain this earthy, organic approach which I like and can relate to.
Loren Erdrich

Séancewater, raw pigment, dye, colored pencil and watercolor on canvas, 22" x 24", 2020
Ambera Wellman

Work: Wunde 23” x 25” oil on wood, 2016

Wellman's eerie paintings attracts me of the way she approaches the skin combined with the choice of color. The work feels digital but there is a distinct feminine feeling which I often feel lack in these digital-like paintings
Ambera Wellman, Yurning, 59.75” x 55” oil on linen, 2019
Kate Klingbeil

Rocks which weigh, 2020ærmbillede 2020-06-16 kl_ 22_50_30.png
Kate Klingbeil exhibition
Win McCarthy

This work by McCarthy shows with accuracy the achievement of awkwardness that I also want to achieve in my paintings. This work is timeless and contemporary. I am inspired by everything that could look like it is ancient which is also the case here.
Win McCarthy

Untitled, 2015, UV developed dye, colored pencil, ink, silk, brass, 120.7 x 78.1 x 10.8 cm
Guðmundur Thoroddsen

Youth, 2018, oil on linen, 52.50h x 42w cm

Thoroddsen's paintings are very inspiring to me, both in terms of composition but also his transparent painting style which he subtly disrupts with a very bold blue (fx). I also think it is nice how he uses popular culture references (like Mickey mouse) and transforms it into something completely else, almost abstract.ærmbillede 2020-06-16 kl_ 22_29_25.png
Guðmundur Thoroddsen

From an exhibition.

I love how the composition of the figures on and surroundings of the wall makes the whole space into a painting.
Andreas Eriksson

Shriek, oil, egg-oil tempera, acrylic and pastel on canvas, 198.5 x 106.6 cm

I am visually attracted to eveything that reminds me just a tiny bit of skin and this is also the case with Eriksson's paintings although he is painting landscapes. To me, the concept of the landscape has also been broadened throughout time and I believe it is possible to find landscapes in everything, also ourselves.
Anja Salonen

Anja Salonen, Screen 1 (Reared rats on a visual cliff), 2017

When I found Salonen, I immediately admired her color choices and also her, comic-like bodies and compositions but what inspired me most of all was her screen paintings. It is a very simple way to approach the painting as an object and it opened up for my way of seeing the ways I could present paintings differently.